WELD FM The FM You Grew Up With

February 6, 1987 FM radio came to the South Branch Valley area when WELD-FM signed on the air. The same year the facilities were remodeled and doubled in size. WELD has always prided itself on community service: live coverage of local fairs and festivals and local high school basketball, baseball, football and softball games. Perhaps the greatest service to the area occurred during the 1985 November “Great Flood.” WELD remained on the air around the clock to make emergency announcements and to keep people informed. WELD was the only means of communication as telephone and power lines were wiped out. In 2003, WELD was purchased by Thunder Associates, LLC., and continues to give the same great service. Thunder Associates, LLC., currently employs Willard Earle that came in 1960, Alan Yokum in 1969 who is currently the manager, Larry Kukendall in 1986 who handles engineering, and Sandy Durst who handles office duties. Thunder Associates is owned by Curst Durst who grew up in the local area and lives in Petersburg.

Daily Programs Include
  • 6A - 9A The Morning Show with Alan Yokum
  • 9A - 12 Noon Williard Earle Live
  • 12noon -1pm Trading Post
  • 1PM to 6AM Contemporary Country Music, Special Features and Mores

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